Dance School

Ballet school

ODT started teaching ballet in 2011. We had some struggles in the beginning, but we have been quietly growing ever since. We can proudly say that ODT was one of the first places for learning ballet in Ramallah.

The Ballet class is working with weekly classes from September to May. The groups are divided by age starting from 3-13 and a separate group for adults. Ballet groups also perform in smaller local events and they also create an annual show in May to summarise what they have learned throughout the year. Ballet school aims to become a professional academic school being also able to give their students certificates when they graduate. Also it aims to create more awareness about professional dancing in Palestine, hoping that our students will be the future of the dancing scene in Palestine. Ballet school is receiving international teachers annually to share their knowledge with the children and grown-ups in our Center.

Contemporary, Creative and Acrobatic Dance

We have been doing contemporary dance since the beginning of ODT. In 2011 contemporary dance was still new in Palestine and when people hear about it they imagine something dirty and forbidden. ODT has been fighting those prejudices from the beginning and will continue doing that in the future.

There are weekly classes of contemporary dance in ODT opened for all levels. In teaching we focus on the meaning and feeling behind the movements. Every May our students perform in the annual show summarising what they have learned throughout the year. We also cooperate with our international partners and bring teachers from Estonia, Belgium, etc. to teach in Palestine. We aim to be the number one professional academic school for contemporary dance in Palestine.
ODT also organises occasional contemporary dance workshops in smaller locations inside the West Bank. Through doing this we aim to create more awareness and cultural diversity in villages and countryside areas. Our activities outside our Center are always free for the participants.