Orient and Dance Theater was created in 2009 by a Palestinian contemporary dancer Maher Shawamra. After years of work in dancing internationally and locally, Maher decided to create a place for change in Palestine. ODT aims to be the leading performance art school in Palestine. Besides creating artists ODT also to create a change in the community.

Team of ODT consists of 8 administrative workers, 10 active volunteers and around 50 members. ODT is also receiving international volunteers to teach dance and different performance arts. ODT has a long partnership with NGO Ethical Links from Estonia and NGO.

The vision and mission of ODT were recreated in 2014 with the help from all of its members and volunteers.


Encouraging expression of identity through art.


To motivate individuals to search inspiration from their surrounding environment and encourage them to focus their energy towards expressing themselves through the art of movement.


  • Creativity
  • Accountability/Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Accessibility
  • Personal approach

We work mainly with youth, but we also involve people from all ages into our projects. We also don’t put any limits to participants’ previous experience and background. Our dream is to grow bigger, become better and introduce professional performance arts to Palestine and through this raise the overall quality of the culture. We want to develop ourselves and inspire others.

In our work we have two main directions which our combined with each other:

  • Educational work
  • Professional art