Recycling Art and Handcrafts

Recycling is something unusual and new for Palestine. Because of the political situation it is not easy to recycle a lot of things (for example plastic bottles). People don’t often care about recycling, because they are more focused on the struggles they have in their everyday lives. ODT believes despite all the struggle we should still care about our environment. For this reason we have been doing different recycling projects since 2011.

ODT organizes weekly classes in our Center, where the participants learn about recycling and how they can do it themselves with very simple measures and some creativity.

ODT also organizes occasional workshops outside its Center. We go out to smaller villages and towns inside the West Bank teaching people more about recycling and creating more awareness. All workshops outside our Center are public, opened to all participants and free.
We organize an annual exhibition of our recycled artworks where we present the best of the recycled art created throughout the year.
Our Center itself is a great example of recycling – most of its furniture is done by ourselves from recycled materials. Our aim with this initiative is to bring Art closer to different kind of people. We also aim to create more awareness about recycling and waste in general.